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Our Philosophy

We created Kapela Play to offer artists and their audiences new horizons of experience during live performance.

By offering 2 artists the possibility to prepare and play a 4 hand live performance simultaneously and at a distance, Kapela Play’s technology:

  • Is responsive to the increasing needs of artists
  • Follows the natural evolution of live performances
  • Surpasses the previous creative limitations by widening the realm of possibilities
  • Has an active role in defining a new era in music by opening the way to a collaborative revolution in how it’s played and… experienced.

Kapela Play

Kapela Play offers the latest approach in live performances allowing for the first time to prepare and play with 4 hands at a distance and simultaneously.

This technological innovation

  • Revolutionizes what’s possible creatively
  • Opens the door to an immersive time-based experience by combining holograms with screens
  • Breaks down geographical barriers by uniting audiences separated by hundreds or thousands of kilometres

Kapela Play Sessions

The Play Time sessions events…

… use the Play Sessions plugin with the combination of the most innovative technologies such as the hologram.

It is an event of a new kind that allows the public to experience a unique, disruptive and totally immersive show.

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